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Q. How much is a ShopperStores ready-to-go E-Commerce store going to cost?
A. There is a $1999.95 one time setup fee and then it's only $99 per month.
Q. Will the website design be made to match my business type?
A. Yes.
Q. Is hosting, a secure server (SSL) and email included in the price?
A. Yes.
Q. How long will it take to set up my store?
A. We can usually have your store up within 48 hours.
Q. Do I need to know HTML or any other programming language?
A. No. The site is very easy and most people find it self-explanatory once they start using it.
Four Characteristics of a Successful Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Website Solutions

Business is all about successful Internet marketing today, and the process begins with a high quality ecommerce website that will attract online traffic to your business and promote sales. But how do you know what goes into a business boosting ecommerce website? We have the best tips for creating a website that will draw in the traffic and customers that you are hoping for.

    1. Think Store

    When you are designing your ecommerce website, think about the characteristics of a physical store. The merchandise is carefully categorized, laid out in neat displays with prominent pricing. This is how to approach your ecommerce website to ensure that it is easy to navigate and pleasant to shop at. Navigation pathways need t be clear cut to allow potential customers the ability to easily shop and buy from your company. It is imperative that your back office supports that front as well, to ensure that when customers do buy from you, they get their order quickly and accurately.
    2. Think Working Store

    Another characteristic of a successful store is one that is in good condition without any broken displays or equipment in disrepair. This also holds true of your website, where large areas under construction or links that don't take browsers anywhere will be a total turnoff to prospective customers. Easy navigation is just the first part of the equation; once your ecommerce website is up and running properly, you will need to add updates and do maintenance regularly to keep your content fresh and interesting and your site in top condition.
    3. Think Customer Service

    A physical store requires high quality customer service to make new clients feel at home and encourage repeat business. Your ecommerce website needs to offer the same if it is going to be as successful as it could be. A good ecommerce website will offer a page about who you are, why you started the business and what you can do for your customers. A contact page is another important feature that gives customer peace of mind in knowing that they can contact you when they need to. Live online help is another good addition to your ecommerce website that lets customers know that you are will.
    4. Think Safety

    This characteristic becomes a bit more crucial with a ecommerce website, since many customers are rather leery about sending their personal information and credit card numbers out into cyberspace. There are plenty of great Internet solutions available today that will give both you and your customer the confidence in knowing that every transaction through your ecommerce website will be protected.
An ecommerce website is the first and last step of building a successful Internet business. To ensure that your site is the best it can be, talk to developers who specialize in this sort of website design. These professionals can advise you about the best way to design and implement your site for maximum profit potential. The right ecommerce website will give your company the quality, reputation – and customers – that it deserves.

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