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Q. How much is a ShopperStores ready-to-go E-Commerce store going to cost?
A. There is a $1999.95 one time setup fee and then it's only $99 per month.
Q. Will the website design be made to match my business type?
A. Yes.
Q. Is hosting, a secure server (SSL) and email included in the price?
A. Yes.
Q. How long will it take to set up my store?
A. We can usually have your store up within 48 hours.
Q. Do I need to know HTML or any other programming language?
A. No. The site is very easy and most people find it self-explanatory once they start using it.
Choosing the Best Ecommerce Web Hosting Service for Your Company

Ecommerce Web Hosting Solutions

In the age of virtual shopping, the right ecommerce web hosting service is a necessity. But finding the best host can be a difficult prospect if your technical knowledge is lacking. The good news is that there are a few basic tips for find an ecommerce web hosting service that will help you determine whether a particular service will be able to meet your needs sufficiently. With the information we provide right here, you will be on your way to developing the website that will grow your business successfully.

Speed and Reliability

If your ecommerce web hosting solution service is going to benefit your business, it needs to be fast and it must be reliable. When servers are down, customers can't shop and business goes down. Your image may be tarnished and potential clients may begin to look elsewhere for their products. Your ecommerce web hosting service can make all the difference in the success of your business when it is up and running nearly all the time. Look for companies that offer a guarantee of 99% uptime. And find out if refunds are provided when reliability falls below that mark. It goes without saying that speed is another concern with an ecommerce web hosting business. If customers can't navigate through your web pages with a degree of efficiency, they may begin looking for another site to shop at. These would be the first characteristics to shop for when you are hunting for the best ecommerce web hosting service for your company.


Bandwidth refers to data transfer, or the amount of bites that are transferred from your website to your customers' when they browse your site. Some ecommerce web hosting services will advertise "unlimited bandwidth" to get customers in the door, but most clients find that there really are limits in terms of additional charges. The truth is that you probably won't need as much bandwidth as some companies will offer so shop wisely under the assumption that most new sites use less than three GB of bandwidth every month. More than that and you are probably paying for something you will never use.

Technical Support

Unless you are a technical genius who knows his way around the intricacies of an Internet site, you will probably want plenty of technical support to help you keep your site up and running. When you are shopping for an ecommerce web hosting service, ask if support is available 24-7, including weekends and holidays. You can pretty much rest assured that major disasters on your site will not occur between normal business hours. It is also important to find out how speedy of a response time you can expect when that SOS is sent out. You can also ask if the technicians answering the call are competent to handle most situations that might arise.

The success of your business will depend in part on choosing the right ecommerce web hosting solutions service. With these tips under your belt, you will be ready to choose the best ecommerce web hosting Solutions service for you.

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