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Q. How much is a ShopperStores ready-to-go E-Commerce store going to cost?
A. There is a $1999.95 one time setup fee and then it's only $99 per month.
Q. Will the website design be made to match my business type?
A. Yes.
Q. Is hosting, a secure server (SSL) and email included in the price?
A. Yes.
Q. How long will it take to set up my store?
A. We can usually have your store up within 48 hours.
Q. Do I need to know HTML or any other programming language?
A. No. The site is very easy and most people find it self-explanatory once they start using it.
Tips for Choosing an Ecommerce Web Development Firm

Ecommerce Web Development Solutions

A successful business begins with a successful website today, and the bargain basement style developer is no longer going to cut it in the highly competitive world of ecommerce. You need a top of the line ecommerce web development firm that will be able to create a high quality website to build your business and increase your customer base. But how do find such a firm? We have the steps to choose an ecommerce web development firm that will build you the best website possible for your company.
    1. Analyze your Needs

    Before you ever contact an ecommerce web development firm, it is a good idea to analyze the needs of your company. You can do this by determining the goal and budget for the project. Think about your intended audience so your chosen ecommerce web development firm can design your site to cater to your customers. Document this information so that you can take it with you to the preliminary meeting with you chosen firm to ensure that your web project gets off on the right foot.
    2. Take Names

    Referrals are the perfect way to find an ecommerce web development firm, so begin asking all of your business associates who designed their websites. There is a good possibility that you will find a few company names that crop up over and over again. You can also scan the websites that you find particularly effective to see which ecommerce web development firm designed them. Once you have a long list of potential firms, it's time to shorten it down to a list that you can easily work with.
    3. Narrow it Down

    Once you have found a number of possible ecommerce web development firms, shorten it down to three to five names using these techniques. Look at each firm's portfolio to see if they have applicable experience for your project. You can also ask about other services that they might be able to provide in addition to the website development, such as website promotion or product marketing. These extra services may give you a bigger bang for your development buck.
    4. Ask about Search Engine Optimization

    The best ecommerce web development firm will be a master at search engine optimization or SEO. This Internet marketing technique is essential in the virtual business world today, and it involves a whole lot more than simply tossing a few keywords into your content. An ecommerce web development firm worth its weight will know its way around the finer points of SEO to ensure that your website gets the search engine ranking that it deserves. As you are going through the process of selecting an ecommerce web development firm, keep in mind that you will be signing on for a long term partnership with this organization. This means that you want a firm that will be available for long term marketing support and software development to help your business grow. The right ecommerce web development firm will make all the difference in your success and the success of your company.

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